Remodelling Heirloom Pieces

It is possible to use existing jewellery pieces to remodel into something new and more to your current taste.

Pricing is based on the gold you have available and if any extra metal is needed to make the new piece. 

As an example, remodelling enough gold into a simple gold comfort fit wedding band begins at £495, any engraving, stone setting or detailed work will incur extra costs. 

Refining metal into a higher or lower carat is quoted as per job according to what we need. Please contact Molly to discuss your needs further.

Design costs are also incurred as per normal when following the bespoke process in order to make your dream piece of jewellery. As an example, a custom made  piece using heirloom gemstones starts from £900.

As with all heirloom metals and gemstones, Molly has the right to refuse to use any metals or gemstones in this process and can accept no responsibility of breakages to gemstones when dismantling to reuse due to unknown factors such as previous fixing with glue, weaknesses in gemstones, inclusions or fractures in gemstones.

The remodelling process takes from 10 to 14 weeks however you will be updated during the process.