On the day

Our day will start for 10am, I’ll run through some simple instructions and guide you how to form a ring, how to solder join the ends and how to clean the metal up. 

We’ll have a practice in silver first so you’ll feel more comfortable when doing your own actual rings!

When we are ready to go ahead with the gold we’ll start making your actual wedding bands.

Throughout the day there will be refreshments and breaks and we’ll stop for lunch at a suitable time.

After lunch we’ll go through how to clean up your ring to the finish you would like.

Your finished rings will be gift boxed and perfectly presented with a bottle of fizz to celebrate at the end of the day.

Rings can be sent for hallmarking and engraving if you wish.

We aim to finish for 5pm however if you aren’t finished we can stay until you are happy with your work!

I’ll take lots of photos for you to remember your day, photos will be edited and sent within a few days in a presentable format.