Private Tuition

It costs £380 for exclusive use of the workshop for the full day, including all tools, one to one tuition and specialised consumables.

You can purchase here...

This class is planned in advance to whatever you would like to make or learn from start to finish with the aim to give you confidence going forward to be able to make again using your own tools and set up.

What is included 

  • A run through of the workshop on the morning 
  • Health and safety talk to keep you safe
  • How to use your jewellery tools safely and effectively 
  • How to successfully plan a piece of jewellery
  • How to make your chosen piece of jewellery
  • How to successfully finish your jewellery piece to a high standard using different finishes.

Additional cost for materials to be added but can be discussed beforehand.

An average charge for silver used in a class would be around £40-£50.  Silver is used for all pieces.  No samples to be made in copper or brass as this contaminates my workspace.

You will be using a saw, hammers, files, motorised equipment and mild chemicals so a degree of confidence is required.